Lessons of Life

Mission Statement

Lessons of <a href= These Services are intended to strengthen the persons served by mainstreaming the integrity and dignity of the individual and/or family in the least restrictive environment possible.

Through the provision of direct and supportive community-based services and through personal choice, self-empowerment, and person-centered planning or maintain skills, opportunities, promote independence, inclusion, and participation in community life.
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These services are part of an individualized and person-centered planning process that is implemented through a comprehensive array of services.



Our Services


FAMILY LIVING SERVICES: Twenty-four (24) hour Living Supports provided to eligible individuals with developmental disabilities in their homes or in the residence of the direct service provider. Family Living Services are provided using a non-shift staffing model in which the individual is supported as part of a family unit. The Family Living Services direct service provider shall not be the spouse of the individual served.

SUPPORTED LIVING SERVICES: Living support services provided in a single residence for four (4) or fewer individuals. Individuals in Supported Living general require up to 24 for hours of direct support per day.

CUSTOMIZED IN-HOME SUPPORTS: Customized In-Home Supports provide individuals the opportunity to design and manage the supports needed to live in their own home or their family home. It is not a residential habilitation service and is intended for individuals that do not require the level of support provided under Living Supports services.

COMMUNITY INCLUSION SERVICES: Support services that provide individuals with access to and participation in activities and functions of community life. Community Inclusion services consist of customized community supports group and individual and Community Integrated job coaching services.

RESPITE: A support service to allow the primary caregiver to take a break from caregiving responsibilities while maintaining adequate supervision and support to the individual during the absence of the primary caregiver.


About Lessons of Life

  • Lessons of Life, LLC was founded in 2008, by Eddie Ruiz and Rey Romero.
  • Lessons of Life, LLC provides services to individuals who are allocated onto the NM DD waiver.
  • Once the individuals are allocated onto the waiver they are presented with a Freedom of Choice (FOC).
  • Through the FOC process, this is how the individual makes their selection of who they want to provide their services.
  • Lessons of Life, LLC is on the FOC for 9 different counties.
  • Services Lessons of Life, LLC provides are: Employment, Residential, Community, and Respite.
  • We provide services to an individual in the Southwest Region of New Mexico, which is primarily rural areas, with one city containing a population of over 50,000 people.

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